SNES is one sweet console.

Have you ever wonder what happens when your significant other is a gamer AND a pastry chef?

This happens:

Yes, that’s a cake. A freaking SNES cake. A very nice gift my sister made for her bf. Funny thing is this cake caused him more pain and agony than it is meant to. He was (or I was told) screaming in pain as he cut it. Can’t blame the dude, it’s his all time favorite console. Unfortunately(?) they had some left over and decided to give me the “controller”. I swear I have never hesitated for so long before biting into a cake. The moment I bite into it I felt like something died inside of me. It’s as if I just killed a part of my childhood. Thing taste good though.

And for all the doubters.


4 responses to “SNES is one sweet console.

  1. Damn, my girlfriend has never made me a Sega Genesis!

    then again, I hate liquorice (sp?)

  2. this is really impressive – congrats to your sis and her boyfriend, and for the awesome cake!

    how about a 32x souffle?

    or a neo geo steak?

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