Some Top 10 Picks of the Last Decade

Not only is it the end of the year, it’s also the end of the decade. So, being the comicbook nerd that I am, I decided to throw my own 2 cents about the comicbook world over the last 10 years into the ocean that is the interweb. That said, I wracked my brain on how to divide my kudos to the medium that keeps on giving, trying to jam pack as many of my faves as possible into whatever lists I could think off. The result is 3 sets of top 10 picks that have no particular order that hopefully don’t overlap (ie; Millar & Hitch are in one list so Ultimates won’t be in any of the other 2). Now enough yakking, release the lists!

Top 10 Creative Teams (1+1 = instant magic)

  1. Joss Whedon & John Cassaday
  2. Brian Michael Bendis & Alex Maleev
  3. Ed Brubaker & Micheal Lark
  4. JMS & Oliver Coipel
  5. Ed Brubaker & Steve Epting
  6. Robert Kirkman & Ryan Ottley
  7. Geoff Johns & Ivan Reis
  8. Jason Aaron & Ron Garney
  9. Mark Millar & Bryan Hitch
  10. Brian Michael Bendis & Stuart Immonen

Top 10 Minis/Maxis/Limited Series (Stories spanning from 2-12 issues with a beginning, middle, and end)

  1. DC: The New Frontier
  2. We3
  3. Hellboy: The Wild Hunt
  4. Superman: Red Sun
  5. Identity Crisis
  6. NEXTWAVE: Agents of Hate
  7. Spider-Man: Blue
  8. All Star Superman
  9. Batman: Year 100
  10. Green Lantern: Rebirth

Top 10 Story Arcs (includes specific story arcs that happen within an ongoing title as well as entire series)

  1. Wolverine: Old Man Logan
  2. New X-Men: E is for Extinction
  3. JSA: Thy Kingdom Come
  4. Y: The Last Man (Entire Series)
  5. 100 Bullets (Entire Series)
  6. Planetary (Entire Series + Specials)
  7. Spider-Man: Coming Home
  8. Superman: Brainiac
  9. Negation (Entire Series)
  10. Fables: The Good Prince

So there you have it. Over the next week or so, I’ll try to break down those lists and give a more in depth explanation as to why these lists are the way they are… hopefully. Haha.


3 responses to “Some Top 10 Picks of the Last Decade

  1. For me, this was the decade that I got back into comics after the 80s and 90s, so a lot of this stuff is very new to me. I also didn’t start reading anything Marvel this decade until 3 weeks ago (although Old Man Logan is sitting unread on my desk). As a result I have only heard of some of these and others not even that. Nice to see Michael Lark getting some props, I always felt like he was a bit underexposed.

    Still, I am kind of surprised not to see 52 up there, although I defer to your comic authority to some degree. 52 to me was the series that made me step beyond Batman and Superman and into the larger DC fold, and unlike many DCU events, it struck an amazing balance between the otherworldly and the very grounded and human. It’s a series I think back to often, and I can’t say that about many event stories at all.

    Anyway, good list, even though I will probably never read some of these titles, I will no doubt be snagging GL: Rebirth, Superman: Brainiac, and JSA: Thy Kingdom Come very, very soon.

  2. Very nice John.

    And a good sampling of both Marvel and DC stuff, as well as the more unconventional works like Fable, Planetary, and Y. I’m going to sniff out some of this stuff for sure.

    I’d love to see what the other dogs think would crack your top ten of the decade in comics or otherwise!

  3. I can’t talk about everything listed here, since I still have much to read from this decade – but I will say that I’m pleased to see New Frontier rank up, and at number 1 in it’s category!

    I have trouble expressing why I feel so strongly about New Frontier, other than it’s such a well crafted, and elegantly constructed story. Strangely, for a book that takes visual cues from the animated series, when DC:NF made it to direct-to-dvd I felt like something was lost in the transition.

    Another take away from John’s list is the majority count of alternate reality stories represented here (New Frontier, All Star Supes, Red Son, Old Man Logan, etc). It seems to me that this is where creators feel like they have the most room to push their characters and explore their worlds. I’m thankful that these stories exist, but at the same time a little disappointed that the “proper” mainline universe stories always feel so…safe, in comparison.

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