Welcome to Ninja Dog Corps

Well I had no idea how to edit the post below, so here’s a new one … This is Eshwin, one of four men who love comics, video games, movies, and everything in between. The idea for this blog was Rey Ortega’s, who, upon reading our many diverse opinions and in depth critiques of various geek media on our Facebook thread, decided it was time to publish our many opinions and insights on the web. I should leave the rest of the intro to him, but truth be told, this is about the only thing I know how to do on WordPress, as I find its layout generally quite mystifying and I’m enjoying this sudden sense of proficiency now that I’ve found a box I can finally just type in. I am perpetually confused by things that for most in our modern world, is second nature.

You see, although we like the name Ninja Dog Corps because it manages to conjure colors all shades of awesomeness, if you’re nerdy enough, you’ll also get that its the very demeaning ‘easy mode’ found on Ninja Gaiden Sigma for the PS3, and if you get that, than this is where you belong … to hear the various rants, insights, praise and criticisms of media geared towards just that level of nerd! As the original Ninja Dog, I came to video games as a ‘lapsed gamer’ who had never been that good at games to begin with (my Sega Genesis/CD/32X heydey saw many a Game Genie and Gamepro procured cheat code), and as such always preferred the easy modes. Don’t get me wrong, I love being challenged when reading the Lynchian Batman R.I.P, or breaking down the expressive and superb editing of Conan the Barbarian on my 1007th viewing, but for the love of the video game god, give me infinite continues and autosave!

As one of the first order’s of business, I’m going to propose that we change that above banner picture to something that says something about us as a group. I propose an Xbox controller impaled on a ninja star. Let me know if anyone has a problem with me drawing this.

Anyway, I’ll leave the floor open for the rest of the group: Rey, Ross, Ricky, and John … take her away!


One response to “Welcome to Ninja Dog Corps

  1. I like how this serves as a kind of forward to a book…the greatest, grandest nerdy book of all time!

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